Office of Library, Breda

Office space of library Nieuwe Veste in Breda furnished with Lande furniture. From warehouse to office 2.0 with Lande office furniture. In cooperation with our partner 2Bworking projectinrichting.

Two long mobile Atelier bar tables with bar stools. Behind the 1st Class meeting rooms.
The 1st Class benches with behind the Wirepanels room dividers.
Two 1st Class 1-seater sofas face each other in the open office space.
Shielded consultation in the two linked 1st Class banks.
Cheek standing table for a quick consultation
Relaxed working on the MC Sofa sofa and handy Spinner stools to add.
The Atelier standing table on wheels can be used to work standing up, but of course bar stools are also an option.

New furniture

The open office space in the former warehouse of Nieuwe Veste in Breda was furnished with various new Lande furniture. At the Atelier bar table can be worked standing or sitting on a bar stool. The pink Wirepanel divides the space into two, with on the one hand the 1st Class consultation units and on the other hand the comfortable MC Sofa bench and Spinner stools.

Cheek bar table with bar stools.


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