Classrooms Kempenhorst College, Oirschot

The layout of the classrooms at Kempenhorst College in Oirschot, was renewed in 2018. The plan was drawn up by the Lande Studio in collaboration with our dealerPlanProject projectinrichters.

Various possibilities to sit in the classrooms
The classroom where cooking lessons are given, furnished with Spirit and Jami 4-leg chairs and Club tables.
High Cheek bar tables and Jami 4-leg chairs without armrests at the Club tables.
In this classroom also two MC Sofa sofas as a wall bench and sofa.
The orange color of the Kempenhorst logo is subtly reflected in the furniture supplied.
Custom cabinets were also made for the interior design of the Kempenhorst College.

Photo's: Jeroen van der Wielen


For the Healthcare & Welfare study program, various classrooms were redesigned at the Kempenhorst College. In the section for theory lessons and cooking lessons various flexibel seating areas were created with Jami 4-legged chairs, Club tables, Mc Sofa benches and Spirit chairs. But also Cheek tables for students who like to sit a bit higher. Lande furniture is extremely suitable as school furniture.

The Kempenhorst College in Oirschot.
The flexibel seating area for theory lessons with Spirit chairs.
The 3D proposal that was made in advance by the Lande Studio.
Cheek bar tables with customized Spirit bar stools.

Custom made counter

A teachers' corner was set up for the teachers, where they can work undisturbed and hold 1 to 1 conversations with students at the Trigon tables. Also in this space custom cabinets. This space is located behind the wall with the customized counter, also from the Lande factory.

A 3D render of the teachers room with X-Ray Spin office chairs at the Trigon tables.
Laptop tables Leaf on the MC Sofa bench, also in the Kempenhorst colors.
Also the Lande school furniture in the teachers' room.
The part where future beauticians receive education. With custom cabinets from Lande.
The customized counter where future receptionists receive practical education.

Interior design Restaurant

The small restaurant / lunch area where the students get theory lessons and also receive guests, was also furnished with the colorful Jami 4-leg chair, MC Sofa sofas and Club tables. This furniture appears to be very useful as restaurant furniture. Also, the Lande interior builders custom made a custom made pantry / kitchen.

The customized counter was tailor-made for the Kempenhorst College.
In the restaurant a custom made pantry was made by the Lande interior builders.
The 3D design by the Lande studio for the design of the restaurant.
The restaurant section with various Lande restaurant furniture such as the Club table.
A colorful atmosphere in the restaurant with Jami 4-leg, MC Sofa wall bench seat and Club tables.


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