Canteen Nova College, Haarlem

The cafeteria of the Nova College in Haarlem was renovated in 2017 in partnership with our dealer Rohde & Grahl.

School furniture made by Lande in the cafeteria of the Nova College.
Students can sit on the colourful Dots and lean back on the Dots Up wall elements.
In the canteen, numerous seating areas were created with the Dots and Dots Up.
Seating in the niches was also created using the Dots.
Buggy Step high tables with Outdoor look for a quick lunch.
School furniture by Lande in the canteen of the Nova College.

Canteen with various items of furniture

The new cafeteria is divided up into different zones: for eating, meeting, or relaxing. Each zone has its own specific type of furniture. The cafeteria has become a place where students can not only have lunch, but also meet each other, work together on projects or work alone in peace.

The benches and tables of Buggy Outdoor are ideal as school furniture.
Buggy Outdoor bench, with or without a backrest.
The Buggy Outdoor gives an outdoor feeling in this cafeteria.
The Buggy Step bar table in the cafeteria of the Nova College

Future-proof school furniture

The Nova College wanted to create an environment that was future-proof and flexible. The Lande furniture met this need and students will be enjoying our furniture for many years to come.

School cafeteria with Lande furniture, including the Dots and the Buggy Outdoor
Buggy Outdoor benches and tables.
Dots seats on the window side in the café zone.
In the central area has a seating area created by using various Dots and Dots Up walls in green and yellow shades.
Buggy Outdoor bench with back and without back.

Working together in various seating areas

Thanks to the high and low Buggy Outdoor tables and benches, with frames in black steel, a robust urban atmosphere was created. With the Dots and Dots Up in various yellow and green shades, a fresh seating landscape was created that matches the floor. The Dots in bright colours were also used on the window side of the café zone.

School furniture by Lande in the cafeteria of the Nova College
Buggy Step with black frame and Outdoor table top
Dots seating with Dots Up wall elements in between


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