Classroom Commanderij College

The 'Learning Garden' of the Commanderij College in Gemert was furnished in collaboration with PlanProject Project Designers.

Students in the 1st Class 1-seater booths with the laptop table T-pad.
Students sitting on the Dots and Cole Modus at Trigon tables
Students working together at high Trigon tables. Further along they are sitting on the MC Sofa at the Club table.
Custom made tiered seating in the Commanderij College
Consultation spot with the Dots and workspace for the teachers.
Students can work together at high Trigon tables or sit down on the MC Sofa at the Club table.

Various workplaces

The assignment consisted of advising, designing and producing an innovative learning concept with the name 'CoCoon'. Our studio designed an area with various workspaces together with the teachers and PlanProject. For example, working at a computer on the Trigon tables, or working alone at the high Trigon tables with shelter.

Interior of the Commanderij College with Trigon tables and workstations, Dots and Cole Modus.
Interior of the Commanderij College of the Teachers' Cube with the Cabinet45.

Attractive learning garden

The result is an attractive learning garden for this secondary school. After consultation and measuring, various custom-made items of furniture were made, such as the custom-made tiered seating platform, custom-made stools, the 1st Class 1-seater furniture with built-in wireless charging point and the Teachers' Cube.

1st Class 1-seater booths with the laptop table T-pad and the Dots.
Trigon Shelters form individual workspaces and concentration booths.
1st Class 1-seater booths with the laptop table T-pad and the Dots.
Students enjoying the custom-made tiered seating platform (by Lande).
Dots, laptop table T-Pad and the 1st Class 1-seat booth
Cole Modus chairs around the round Club table with behind it a trigon Hot Desk standing table in a separated meeting room.
MC Sofa sofa benches at a club table with a high Trigon table with bar stools in the foreground.

Photos: Jeroen van der Wielen

Collaborating in various seating corners

In this learning garden, 21st-century skills are linked to subject-specific knowledge, and students and teachers can meet during their learning process. Students can also work well together in the seating area created with the MC Sofa sofas, or the high Trigon tables without Shelters.

Interior of the Commanderij College with Trigon and Trigon Shelters, Dots and Cole Modus chairs.
Concentrated at work in the Trigon Shelters.
Studying next to each other in the 1st Class booth with the T-Pad laptop table.


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