Custom made furniture Angro BV

The customized kitchens, cabinets and TV furniture at Angro BV were produced by Lande. Design by the Lande Studio together with PlanProject projectinrichting.

Custom made kitchen by Lande in the showroom of Angro BV
Various custom cabinets were also produced and designed by Lande for the Angro showroom.
For presentations, a TV cabinet was designed in which the TV can automatically be raised and lowered.
Custom made cupboard with logo.
Open showroom cabinets in the second showroom.
A TV screen was also built into this custom furniture.

Custom made furniture

The showrooms of Angro BV were designed by the Lande Studio . Various customized showroom cabinets, TV furniture and custom-made kitchens were drawn, then produced and eventually placed by Lande at this designer and supplier of legwear. The brand Artifort was chosen for chairs and bar stools.
photos Jeroen van der Wielen.

Custom made TV cabinet where the TV can disappear again..
Slick table and acoustic panel of Lande.
Office Angro BV
Customized display cabinet in one of the showrooms


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