Indoor sports centre SportQube, Nijmegen

Various spaces of indoor sports centre SportQube has been furnished with various tables, chairs and other furniture from Lande in collaboration with our partner PlanProject projectinrichters.

Slick table with Jami 4-leg seats in the waiting room of the sports facility
Basement / waiting room of indoor sports centre SportQube furnished with beautiful Slick table with Artifort Beso chairs.
Dots up waiting furniture with T-pad side tables for laptop use.
The furnished waiting room with Dots Up soft seating furniture.
The canteen of the indoor sports centre was furnished with various Club and Cheek tables.

Foto's: Jeroen van der Wielen

Furnishing indoor sports centre SportQube

The Sportqube indoor sports centre was furnished with Club, Slick and Cheek tables, Jami chairs and other furniture such as the Dots Up, Dots and T-pad side tables from Lande. The waiting areas and canteen of the indoor sports centre were furnished after 3D drawings of our Studio. SportQube is a state-of-the-art indoor sports centre in Nijmegen. SportQube is also a platform for talent development and (top) sport innovation.

Some Dots soft seating seats with T-Pad side tables, for example, to work on your laptop.
Furnishing indoor sports centre canteen with white Slick table and Jami 4-leg seats

Meeting spaces and centeen furnished

The Dots with T-Pad side tables were chosen for the design of the meeting spaces. This created a low-threshold workplace and meeting place. Furthermore, this arrangement allows the athletes to choose a low table or standing table in the canteen for lunch.