Valuas College

In the Valuas College in Venlo, the cafeteria, auditorium and various study rooms were furnished with Lande furniture. This project was carried out in partnership with Twowork.

Buggy Outdoor configuration with Spirit chairs in the cafeteria of the Valuas College
Buggy Outdoor tables and benches with Spirit chairs in the cafeteria of the Valuas College
Green custom cabinets by Lande
Green Spirit chairs at the Aluxx table
Wardrobe cabinet tailor-made by Lande
Buggy Outdoor benches and tables in the cafeteria of the school
Aluxx table with Spirit chairs
Rondo Curve seating island for team collaboration
The auditorium with Buggy Fold (folding table), MC Sofa sofas, Dots Up and yellow X-Ray chairs.
The auditorium with Buggy Fold (folding table), MC Sofa sofas and yellow X-Ray chairs.
View over the study room with Dots Curve, Aluxx table and Spirit chairs
The auditorium with Club tables, Dots Up, MC Sofa couch and Spirit chairs at Aluxx tables

School furniture project

This school was furnished in collaboration with the Lande Studio. For the cafeteria, library and auditorium, the 3D and 2D designs were drawn up after the inventory of the client’s needs and the measuring of the rooms. In addition to the furniture that is excellent for schools, various pieces of customised furniture were designed by our development department for the Valuas College. These included the collaboration and consultation areas in the library.

Custom-made collaboration areas in the library

Photos: Jeroen van der Wielen

The library was also fitted out in this school, with Dots Curve and tailor-made collaboration areas
The Spirit chair, Aluxx table and Dots Donut are ideal for school furniture
The cafeteria was furnished with Buggy Step standing tables and a custom wall cupboard.
Black Spirit chairs at a Buggy table. School furniture.
Lande furniture has proven to be excellent school furniture. With custom cabinets and collaboration areas.


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