Metal roomdivider

The Lande Wirepanel is a unique metal room divider available in several powdercoat colours. Create a subtle partition in a large room, a cosy corner in a showroom or a partition in a reception area. Create added allure by placing the open Wirepanel in front of a bare wall.

In three different patterns.

Download the HR and 3D files from the Wirepanel in our library.

Metal open room divider Wirepanel



The prices for the Wirepanel will follow shortly. For questions about availability please contact us.




Always with a long and short side on the left or right side. In three different patterns.

  • Length, long side: 2.5 m or 2 m
  • Width, short side: depends on pattern: 88 cm, 72,5 cm, 68,5 cm or 56 cm
  • Height: 2 m or 1,7 m


Available in various colors from the Lande powder coat collection. 

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The three different patterns:

Wirepanel different patterns
Wirepanel different patterns
Wirepanel different patterns

Fabrics and materials

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