Bed + Breakfast Glashütte, Bärnbach

The reception area and bar of Bed+Breakfast Glashütte in Bärnbach (Austria) was furnished with the Cheek tables and banks. In addition, Lande supplied the Cabinet 45 metal cabinets for the hotel rooms. Project in collaboration with our partner Stilfrage Immobilien Design GmbH.

The reception room and bar at Bed + Breakfast Glashütte in Bärnbach in Austria. Furnished with Cheek sofas and tables.
Cheerful colored tables and benches from the model Cheek van Lande.
The tables and benches in the reception area and bar of the hotel seen from above.
Practical wooden tables and benches from the Cheek model in the B & B.

Reception room, bar and hotel rooms

The cheerful, colorful wooden tables and benches in the open reception room / bar of Glashütte Bed + Breakfast are of the model Cheek. These tables and benches with laminate top layer are very practical for cleaning.
In the hotel rooms the Cabinet 45 was chosen as a wardrobe. This is also provided with a cheerful color which makes the wardrobe a real eye-catcher in the hotel rooms.

Photos: Die Abbilderei

The Cabinet 45 wardrobe in the hotel rooms is a cheerfully striking object.
The Cabinet 45 cabinet in the hotel rooms with rail for clothes hangers


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The hotel room with metal cabinet of the model Cabinet 45.

Furniture in this project

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