Interior office, ChargePoint, Amsterdam

For the furnishing of the 1st office of ChargePoint in Amsterdam, Lande was asked to supply various furniture for partner L&N kantoor- en projectinrichting. The most striking piece is the custom made, Call Unit, which Lande designed, produced and placed specifically for ChargePoint

The custom made Call unit with MC Sofa System sofa.
Discuss or have lunch at the long Level table.
An overview of the design of the Chargepoint office from the Level table.
The second tailor-made call and consultation rooms with two MC Sofa System sofas and folding table.
Work quietly in the office in the custom concentration furniture of Lande.
The Chargers of ChargePoint

Pictures: L&N

Custom made furniture 'Call Units'

Partner L&N furnished with Lande furniture several conference rooms, the office floor and 2 call units for the first ChargePoint office in the Netherlands. Sales and marketing departments, among others, work in this office. In the so-called Call Units, employees can work, call or consult in silence. Especially for ChargePoint, Lande designed, produced and placed this custom furniture containing an MC Sofa couch, folding table, charge points, rear walls and magnetico / whiteboard rear wall.

The workplace part at the office, with Toro's as creative furniture or as an extra seat.
Creative Toro seating element at the office.
The interior of the Chargepoint office is dominated by the company colors, white, orange and gray.
The layout of the office floor with 2 Toros in the foreground.

Furnished meeting rooms

Because people work all over the world, the conference rooms are very important for weekly conference calls. For these meeting rooms, Lande supplied the barrel-shaped Casus meeting tables with HDMI, power and USB connection in the tabletop.

Toros and Dots as softseating seating elements for a brief informal meeting at the office.
Casus tables from Lande were chosen in the meeting rooms and conference rooms.
The barrel-shaped Casus table with T leg.
The barrel-shaped Casus table in the meeting room can accommodate 14 people.
The Toros in the waiting area.

Furniture for informal meetings

For informal or brief consultations, ChargePoint opted for the Toros and Dots seating elements. The creative thinking process can take place on this furniture. But also useful for an extra seat, or in the waiting area. The long white Level table with seating at the end is mainly used for lunch or for an informal consultation.

The table folded up and door open from the call unit / concentration workplace.
An overview of the office design with various Lande furniture.
Conference meetings at the large Casus table.
The Dots seating elements in the canteen section.
Also a smaller Casus table in a smaller meeting room.


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