3D and 2D designs by the Lande Studio

Design Studio

Besides designing and manufacturing stunning furniture, Lande also provides interior design services for its customers, with 2D and 3D modelling. Our specialised design studio produces interior designs and project furnishing specially for our dealers. Examples are the furnishing of offices, waiting rooms, company restaurants, schools and care institutions. As a dealer you can contact our studio for:

  • Photo-realistic 3D visualisations
  • Contract furnishing projects
  • 2D floor plans
  • Interior design advice
  • Colour and material advice
  • Lighting plans


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3D visualisation of the Lande Group office

For the showrooms of Angro BV, 2D and 3D designs were made with various custom furniture such as custom cabinets, TV furniture and kitchens.

View the result at Angro BV

3D Visaulisatie classrooms Kempenhorst College

For the Kempenhorst College, designs were made for various classrooms for practice. These were furnished with Lande furniture and custom cabinets, a custom desk and pantry.

View the end result

Design brainstorm room at De Creatieve Afdeling

Brainstorming spaces, office spaces and breakout areas where the creative process comes to life. For De Creatieve Afdeling, furniture was made that does justice to the principles of this creative company.

Check out the creative spaces of De Creatieve Afdeling

The layout of the attractive open plan study area of the Commanderij College

A 3D visualisation with various workstations and breakout areas was produced for the open plan study area of the Commanderij College. A custom made tiered seating platform was also incorporated into this study area.

Check out the end result of the Commanderij College

3D Visualisation of Grand Café Prime Vision

In cooperation with our dealer L&N, a design was made for the Grand Café of Prime Vision. Stools, sofas, bar stools and chairs. This grand café offers a wide range of seating options.

View more visuals and images of the end result

3D visualisation of the Lande Group office

Lande Group office

A 2D and 3D design was designed for the offices of Lande Group in Schijndel with Trigon modular workstations. 3D visuals were also made for the various meeting areas and the reception.

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Intake interview

1. Intake

In order to produce a good design proposal, it is important that we identify the customer's needs and wishes together with you. After the intake interview, we will then be glad to show you how our furniture is made.

Preliminary design

2. Preliminary design

Based on the intake interview and photographs of the spaces or drawings of the building, our studio will create the preliminary 2D floor plans, sketches and 3D visualisations.


3. Consultation

We will discuss the initial designs with you once they are ready. We will also explain our material choices and colour recommendations so that we can work out a well-balanced plan.

Final design

4. Final design

After the consultation meeting, the studio will produce the final design. This design will include 2D floor plans, photo-realistic 3D visualisations, colour and material choices based on mood boards, and where relevant a lighting plan.


5. Presentation

During the design presentation, we will discuss the designs with you. It goes without saying that you will be given everything you need, including the designs and mood boards. Then you can see and try out the proposed furniture for yourself at our facility.


6. Realisation

Finally, the customised furniture will be produced at our production facilities. Lande can also install the furniture for you on request.