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The delivery time varies per piece of furniture and is currently about 8 weeks. The exact delivery time can be seen in the order confirmation you receive after your order.

Yes of course! You can order all our products via our dealers. Look at our sales points for a dealer in your area or contact us, then we will find the dealer in your area.

we are closed on 4 and 5 March, 30 and 31 May and from 20 July to 12 August. This will increase the delivery time.

Not every fabric is right for every model, for example because the fabric does not have sufficient stretch to be able to follow the contours of the furniture. On the collection pages you can see which standard fabric is suitable for each model. When the fabric you want is not in the standard collection, please contact us to find out or your desired fabric is available for the piece of furniture you want to order.

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Furniture from the Lande sample collection.

Sample collection.

Interest in a particular piece of furniture from our collection? We have an extensive sample collection. Just contact us to borrow your desired model.

Contact us regarding the sample collection