13 & 9

In 2013, architect Martin Lesjak (INNOCAD architecture), together with designer Anastasija Lesjak, founded the product design office 13 & 9 in Graz, Austria. The collaboration with specialized partners has led to the creation of collections from concept to production in the field of lighting, acoustics, furniture, floor coverings, fashion, accessories, exhibition and sound design. The creative community is both a design studio for international companies and its own label that produces and sells their own products. With its label, 13 & 9 is committed to making products with small and local manufacturers, with the goal of supporting creative growth in the immediate area and encouraging responsible environmental practices. Issues such as modularity, compatibility, flexibility and transformation are key to the development of new concepts and solutions. The result is unique designs that combine functionality with the latest innovations with conceptual aesthetics, which also provide an emotional component, 'the soul', that adds value to the product. Using a transdisciplinary approach, 13 & 9 has received numerous awards, featured in many publications and exhibited their diverse works internationally. Anastasija and Martin Lesjak are frequent speakers at various universities and international events and have been awarded the title of "Product Designer of the Year 2019" by Interior Design Magazine (USA). WEB: www.13and9design.com INSTAGRAM: @ 13and9design FB: @ 13and9Design