ING, Zaventem: Meeting areas

Various areas in the ING Zaventem office were fitted out for meetings and presentations. This project was carried out in partnership with our dealer Art Nivo.

Meeting and presentation area with Dots
White Cheek standing table for standing meetings
White Cheek standing tables for standing meetings
MC Sofa sofa and X-Ray chairs at a long table for informal meetings
Rondo Quatro concentration booth for a private meeting
MCSofa bench sofa with club tables in a collaboration space
Behind the customised tiered seating platform, there is a break-out area with custom-made Dots seating islands
Red MCSofa bench sofas with Club tables for informal discussions
Collaboration space with X-Ray chairs, MC Sofa sofas and Club tables
Dots Up with a Dots seating arrangement for creative brainstorming
MC Sofa with Club table
Cheek poseur table for a standing meeting and MC Sofa sofa and Club table in the adjoining space

Meeting areas

At ING one can cooperate, consult or present in any way possible. A customised tiered seating platform was installed at ING for presentations to a larger audience. Various creative break-out rooms with Dots seating. MC Sofa sofas for short and informal meetings. Rondo Quatro concentration units for a private meeting. And Cheek standing tables for standing meetings.

Tailor-made cabinets and lockers are also made by Lande

Photos: Jeroen van der Wielen

Short meetings or discussions at the Teska table
For a brainstorm session or informal meeting you can move to this Dots seating arrangement
HING's office with various workstations and a customised tiered seating platform


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