Lande Sofa Booth

Booth seating sofa for catering, office, waiting room or school

Booth seating sofa, office booth or a restaurant booth? The Lande Sofa Booth offers a variety of possibilities. This break-out soft seating can be positioned along a wall, standing alone, or placed back-to-back. Sitting on this booth seating sofa you can enjoy a tasty meal in a cafeteria or restaurant, but the Lande Sofa Booth can also be used as an office booth for brainstorming or as an open workplace. Or as a sofa in a waiting room.

Booth seating sofa or stand-alone sofa

Visually powerful, attractive along a wall or free-standing in a room. The high backrests provide comfort and ensure enhanced sound absorption. The different types of upholstery and finishes can boost the quality of the sound-proofing.

Lande Phi

Flatlands is part of the new Lande Phi collection, which makes it easy to combine with other products in the same collection. This further enhances the versatility of the Flatlands line.

Check out the various realizations with the Lande Sofa Booth.

Booth seating sofa Lande Sofa Booth



The Lande Sofa Booth without back is at this moment not yet available. For questions about availability please contact us.

Lande Sofa Booth can be upholstered in any fabric or (artificial) leather. An additional seam will be stitched in the centre of the leather upholstery on elements longer than 100 cm.

Lande Sofa Booth stands alone, in an arrangement, with the backs against each other or placed along a wall. The booth seating sofa can be connected infinitely. The back of free-standing elements is upholstered. The elements can also be positioned back-to-back.

A 230V power outlet can be built into the plinth.

Lande Sofa Booth specs
Lande Sofa Booth specs
Lande Sofa Booth specs
Lande Sofa Booth specs
Lande Sofa Booth specs
Lande Sofa Booth specs


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